Digital Future

Digital future is a crowd-sourced, crypto based investment start up focused on developing a new wave of projects and use cases for the digital generation. Our mission is to support the future of the web3 space such as the metaverse, the omniverse, blockchain technology and all things digital.

The Mission Objective for DFNC has pivoted to focus on the technology behind OmniChain interoperability as developed by the Layer Zero network.
Our intent is to innovate the new era of NFT projects to help induce mass adoption beyond the current space with next generation NFT projects, services, entertainment and P2E games.

Bobby Knight

Founder & CEO

Vincent VaNFT

Lead Artist


Lead Developer

The Digital Future NFT Collective has been producing and promoting projects in the NFT space since December 2021 and has made it a priority to become a visionary force in the NFT space and specifically champion new and innovative use cases for the OmniChain Technology.
From NFT Collections with never before seen "claimstaking", to generate passive income for NFT holders with high market cap payouts to NFTs that evolve from chain to chain as you traverse them in the OmniVerse.

We are the first in the entire OmniChain space to launch a 7 chain multi-collection minting portal successfully.
We always strive to showcase creativity in a space which is filled with copycats and money grabs. This and many other factors differentiate us from your average NFT creators. Future plans include – among other things – P2E NFT games on both web and mobile, so stay tuned.